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19 June 2023


5 February 2012


The Charger Club Of Victoria


Welcome to the Charger Club of Victoria Inc. website! Our club is dedicated to the Australian designed and made Chrysler Valiant Charger which was sold from 1971 through to 1978.


This design icon is timeless and truly a masterprice of style, innovation and performance with its classic muscular fastback shape, its hemispherical cylinder heads, through to its firebreathing exotic triple weber carburettor set up.


The Charger was a force to be reckoned with and one that has endured for over 30 years as Australia's fastest accelerating 6 cylinder production car up until 2002 when it was surpassed by the turbo Falcon XR6. With the muscle car boom in recent years, Charger awareness and prices have soared making it a truly rare and desirable car.


Whilst the Charger is the club's hero car, the Charger Club of Victoria Inc. encourages and welcomes owners of all other chrysler brand vehicles; Australia, American, English and so on to join up.

Our club website contains all of the information about the club, membership, club social events, upcoming chrysler events, useful links and an exclusive members only portal where you can view each others cool Mopars.

Website Special

ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS:15/08/2022 Update The Club Monthly General Meetings will be held in-person at The Southern Community Centre, Hall C, 27 Rupert Drive Mulgrave. Covid-19 precautions are not required but suggested. Meetings are held the 3rd Monday of every month starting at 8pm unless otherwise directed.

Charger Blood

The Pacer Page

The Valiant Pacer was Chrysler's performance brand through the VF and VG series with slick sedans and a stunning coupe. The last of the series being the VH sedan , also know as the "Four Door Charger" and notheless as impressive as the Charger.
Pacer micro site. COMING SOON


The Sportsman Room

The plaid brigade Sportsman Charger was a unique combo in its day and remains so today.
Charger Sportsman micro site. COMING SOON


The White Knight Ensemble

Only 200 White Knight Specials - 100 Arctic White & 100 Amarante Red...
120 automatic & 80 4 speed manuals.
White Knight micro site. COMING SOON


The Drifters Division

Vans, Utes and Chargers - with either the 265 or the 318. Slick graphics and styling treatments - oh so 70's!
Drifters micro site. COMING SOON